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FuelMeUp.com: Summer Gas Prices on the Rise!

FORT SMITH, Ark., May 17, 2007 -- Gas prices have risen to record levels in the past few months. Bill McClure, CEO of http://www.FuelMeUp.com, predicts gas prices in certain markets could rise to over $4.00 per gallon in the next few weeks. "I see nothing in sight to slow down the increases in gas pricing," McClure stated.

"We are seeing prices today vary from $3.89 in San Francisco, California to $2.99 per gallon in Miami, Florida," he added.

Many factors could drive prices even higher. The uncertainty in the Persian Gulf, refinery capacity problems, the approaching hurricane season, lower gasoline inventory and high consumer demand will all affect summer gas prices.

Many FuelMeUp.com consumers are planning ahead by locating the cheapest price of gasoline along their route.

McClure said, "Prices can vary as much as $.80 per gallon. By using our website, consumers can save over $10.00 every time they fill their tanks."

With Memorial Day approaching, many consumers are planning to stay close to home visiting lakes and state parks.

FuelMeUp.com is a consumer-driven site to help visitors find the lowest-priced gasoline in their city or zip code. The site tracks gasoline prices in thousands of stations nationwide and updates prices three times a day.

"It appears even with the record-high price of gasoline, consumers still want to drive and nothing is slowing them down," McClure stated.

Bill McClure, CEO

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